Consistently. Simply. Better.

A constant race against time

Data is like a jigsaw puzzle.
Encrypted. Multilayered. Elusive. Invisible.
Today, more than ever before. Leaving more threats to be handled.

We enable our clients to get better intelligence and insights. With better technology and one task in mind; Getting the job done. And done in time.

We provide products for Lawful Interception and Comms Intelligence providing unprecedented capabilities for Police authorities and Intelligence organizations.

Understanding data is not simply a matter of piecing the bits together. It is a constant race aganist time. Because data moves. It changes. It leaves fragments and patterns with a new story to be told. A whole new puzzle.

We develop. We deploy. We decode. It takes endurance, hard work, and brilliant minds every time. And we do it to help agencies keep us all safe. Far away. In the city. In the streets. In our home.

Consistently. Simply. Better.

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At XCI we go to work to develop software products that help secure government agencies keep their cities and nations safe. With the fast paced development of information technology today, it is a constant race to bring out the best products. Bringing together the best minds to collaborate around this purpose – whether it is in product development, customer care or sales – is a key focus for us. We constantly look for the best minds to join us, thrive and develop.
Tue Hermansen CEO, XCI

The fight aganist cyber threats relies on xtended technology and people

X is the unknown variable and this is the core essence of what we do. We uncover the unknown.

The world is encrypted. It has become the perfect hideout for the cyber enemy of our time — and only a kaleidoscopic trail of data to follow.

We bring xtended technology into the world to help agencies piece scattered data together.

It is never mission impossible for us. But it is personal. It is our next mission x that counts, and frankly it is also a childhood dream coming true for most of us.

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