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A true AI spokesman


Working in the field of technology has always been in the cards for Jacob.

Both his dad and uncle are engineers. It is in his blood. And he has always had a flair for it. Ever since early childhood, he has been particularly interested in computers. Something that manifested itself at LAN parties. Here, he and his friends disassembled and reassembled computers. To them, it was a hobby. One he took with him into adulthood.

Today, Jacob is Machine Learning Engineer at XCI. A real tech enthusiast. And a protector at heart. His expertise lies in analyzing images, videos, and audios with his team. He does it to protect people. And he does it through AI. A technology for which he is a true spokesman.

“Currently, there are four of us in our little AI-team. We engage in valuable discussions about tasks, exciting possibilities, and the integration of it all. Many, both clients and colleagues, recognize the tremendous potential in our work and how it helps protect people, which really is the most important aspect.”

He is fascinated by AI. Not only the technology itself, but the possibilities found in it. His real drive is protecting people through AI. And he wants to be the best. It is his mantra. And it is a mantra that xtends to his passion.

“In my sport, we challenge each other and that is what I like about it. Whether it be at work or in the gym, I constantly want to be better and improve my skills.”

Jacob - A true AI spokesman.

A great community and personal improvement go hand in hand

Jacob has always been interested in health and sport. And he loves all types. Soccer. Swimming. Badminton. And through his uncle, he was introduced to weightlifting. Something he has been practicing since his teenage years. And something that he values. But in 2019, he discovered a new genre within the field of fitness.

“I became interested in CrossFit in 2019. It involves both cardio, heavy lifting, and gymnastic, so you get a bit of everything, which I like. I then decided to join a CrossFit-team and I have been doing it ever since.”

Here, he competes. And he competes to win. To be the best. Side by side with the community he has gained through the sport.

“The best thing about CrossFit is the community and the friendships. We inspire each other to be better, improve, and to not stand still in the process. And that pretty much applies to all aspects of life.”

To Jacob, a great community and personal improvement go hand in hand. In tech. In fitness. In life.

Jacob - ML Engineer - XCI.
AI is cool. But AI that helps protect people every day is next for me
Jacob ML Engineer, XCI

A hunger to learn

To Sisse, it is not about being the best. It is about doing her best. Challenging herself. Pushing it to the limit. And exceeding her own expectations. Always. And in every aspect of life.

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Sisse - Test Automation Engineer - XCI.