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A dedicated teacher

Danni - A dedicated teacher.

Danni is a military man.

With more than 25 years in the Danish Defence and more than a decade as an active player in the frontline, his transition into the tech industry was somewhat coincidental. But ultimately, it proved to be the perfect fit for him.

With more than 15 years of experience within the field, Danni is now Senior Training Manager at XCI. A dedicated teacher and versatile communicator. A firm believer in human connections, serving as the crucial link between XCI and its clients. On a daily, he brings knowledge to the field. And as a bonus, he gets new insights in return.

What truly fuels his passion is working for others. For clients. For people. For society. Because to him, making a difference is key. And every day, he works to help others do so.

“In my job, I travel a lot, and I love that because I get to teach and educate others. But I also get to connect with people in real life, face to face, and that is important to me.”

In his professional life, he excels at building meaningful connections with people. A skill that xtends into his personal life as a musician.

“I have been singing and playing the guitar since adolescent, and it has always been about entertaining and building connections.” 

Danni - A dedicated teacher.

It is all about connections

Being a musician has always been a boyhood dream for Danni. A dream he gets to live out as a solo artist and as part of a trio. And one that spans across Denmark, Norway, and Germany. For him, the essence of music lies in the joy of entertaining and playing for people. The goal is to connect with the audience. Whether through songs with relatable messages or tunes that invite toasts and dances.

“In my world, be it a teaching scenario or an intimate concert, the focus is on communication. It is about creating a mood, evoking feelings, sharing information, and building connections.”

Regardless of the setting, whether at XCI or on stage, the underlying principle remains the same. Building connections. Fostering trust. And creating something real that makes a difference.

Danni - Senior Training Manager - XCI.
Being able to pass on knowledge is one thing. But doing it while building meaningful connections is next for me.
Danni Senior Training Manager, XCI

A true AI spokesman

Jacob is fascinated by AI. Not so much the technology itself, but the possibilities found in it. His real drive is protecting people through AI. And he wants to be the best. It’s his mantra.

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Jacob - A true AI spokesman.