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A real tech nerd

Carsten - A real tech nerd.

Carsten has always been passionate about IT.

And at the tender age of 15, his interest in programming and websites was piqued. Especially when it came to the things going on behind the scenes. It all started as a hobby. But it slowly began to pave the way for his future.

Today, he is a Software QA Engineer at XCI. A meticulous tester and technology enthusiast. A real nerd. And a proud one at that. With more than 20 years in the industry, his expertise lies in testing products and codes. The harder, the better. And with a firm commitment to quality and high standards.

He thrives on the challenge of identifying errors. And he excels at rectifying them. Because to him, it is not just about being a tech nerd in a tech world. It is about making a difference. For real people. In the real world.

“I wake up in the morning knowing that today is another day where I get to have a positive impact on society by helping agencies reduce crime and catch those responsible”

He is dedicated to precision. When testing. When identifying. And when rectifying. But it does not stop there. It xtends to his lifestyle. His passion – ultralight aviation.

“When I am flying, there is no room for mistakes. That is also what I like about my job. It has to be spot-on from the start. Because when you are hurtling towards the ground, everything has to work. Nothing is left to chance. It simply just has to hit the mark perfectly.”

Carsten - He thrives on the challenge of identifying errors.

Cool. Calm. Cold as ice.

When Carsten is airborne, nothing can stop him. He is cool. He is calm. He is cold as ice – even when things get tense. And that is all thanks to his dedication to routines and trust in technologies. Whether it is about testing codes or flying, consistency and knowing exactly what to do and how to do it is key to him. 

“Consistency is key, and that is why I like automatization. Because with automatization there is only one way to go about things. And it is the same way every time, no matter who does it. And that is what makes the technology work.”

His many years of experience has given him a sense of calmness in his job. A trust in technology. In mechanisms. And in the difference that he makes.

Carsten - Software QA Engineer - XCI.
Identifying errors is good. Rectifying them is better. But doing it for a greater good is next for me.
Carsten Software QA Engineer, XCI

The thrill of chasing ideas

While others merely dream, Michael takes the plunge. And he tests all ideas. The good. The bad. And the seemingly impossible.

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