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A hunger to learn


Fresh out of her studies, Sisse is brimming with enthusiasm.

A real hunger. Her interest in technology was sparked by a movie featuring a female hacker using her skills for a greater good. And ever since then, she has been in love with the world of coding.

At XCI, Sisse is Test Automation Engineer. A real coding nerd. And a strong figure in a predominantly male world – now in disarray. Despite not having the longest track record within the field of technology, she excels at both coding and conducting automated and manual tests. And she is focusing on constantly improving her skills.

To her, it is not about being the best. It is about doing her best. Challenging herself. Pushing it to the limit. And exceeding her own expectations. Always. And in every aspect of life.  

“I love learning new things and pushing myself, not only in my work but also in my gymnastics. I am constantly developing and improving my skills, and I never want that process to stop.”

She thrives on knowledge and the pursuit of learning new things. When coding. When testing. And when flying through the air. 

Sisse - A hunger to learn.

The power of visualization

Her zest for learning and improving xtends to her passion for gymnastics. A passion she has been devoted to ever since her early childhood. And a passion where visualization has been an indispensable companion. Especially when having to perform a new skill. Here, she closes her eyes, visualizes the technique, and executes the jump.

“I’m doing the one thing you are not supposed to do when flipping around in the air. But it helps and despite not being able to see, my body somehow knows exactly what to do.”

It is all about embracing the unknown. Taking a leap. Tackling challenges in the best way possible. With a will to learn. And a desire to improve.

Sisse - Test Automation Engineer - XCI.
Coding is nice. But coding for a purpose that makes a positive impact is next for me.
Sisse Test Automation Engineer, XCI

A real tech nerd

To Carsten, it is not just about being a tech nerd in a tech world. It is about making a difference. For real people. In the real world.

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Carsten - A real tech nerd.