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The thrill of chasing ideas

Michael - The thrill of chasing ideas.

Michael is finding patterns in ip data.

But he was not destined for this initially. He was supposed to be a sailmaker. And he was supposed to use his hands. But on his way there, his math teacher told him to attend technical high school. A path he had not considered. But he went. And it was here a computer found a way into his life. It gave him an instant kick. And it was love at first sight.

Today, Michael is Senior Software Developer. He is co-founder. A pioneer from the outset, playing a pivotal role in the inception of XCI. As such, he understands the exhilaration of chasing a promising idea. While others merely dream, he takes the plunge. And he tests them all. The good. The bad. The seemingly impossible. But he is not deterred. In fact, he is inspired. 

“I try to hold on to the fact that no idea is too crazy. Because most often you find that most things can be done. It is just about getting it right.”

And for him, the first thought is not always the right. Sometimes it is the second. Or the third. Or the fourth. And regardless of the outcome, it is about letting the thoughts float. And letting them float freely.

Michael - The thrill of chasing ideas.

It is all about intuition

For Michael, the floating xtends to his personal life. Because beyond the thrill of chasing ideas, he finds peace in his sailing. And to him, it is pure joy. On the boat, it is all about sensing the wind. Letting the thoughts fade away. And connecting with the elements.

“On the water, intuition is everything. You have to sense the wind. It is not something that can be explained or taught with words. It has to be felt. And when you get that spark, you know what to do.”

Sailing serves as his escape. On the water, there is no rules. No guidelines. It is all about sensing. Feeling. And mentally, there is only room for sailing. No work. No ideas.

“What I do at work and what I do on the boat cannot be compared. When I am sailing, I can only think about sailing. And when I am back on solid ground, I suddenly have room for all the new and crazy ideas.”

Michael - Senior Software Developer - XCI.
Being able to test crazy ideas is great. But transforming them into something real is next for me
Michael Senior Software Developer, XCI

A dedicated teacher

What truly fuels his passion is working for others. For clients. For people. For society. Because to him, making a difference is key. And every day, he works to help others do so.

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